Brand Identity & Website Designer Hello I'm Conor Harper!

I’m a brand identity and graphic designer from Georgina, focused on crafting brands & help improve the way they present themselves.

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My Portfolio

etsy re brand website mockup

Scoop's Ice Cream

An ice cream brand that is focused on a wide range of people and age groups, giving a fun and colourful look and feel. This brand is focused on making a more simple look that will stand out from other brands.

Etsy Website Re Design

Re designed etsy brand and website, making a more acessable user experience to users of the etsy site while reducing confusion. Aswell as making a more modern look helping it to stand out against other e-commerce sites.

slyking youtube channel mockup

SLYKING Identity Design

An online gaming identity for Twitch and YouTube, making a logo and colour palette that fits a fun playful personality. Ensuring that brand assets can be used in multiple formats like socials, and printed clothing.

1919 burger branded products mockup

1919 Burger Branding

Creating an identity for a fast food burger restaurant based on the constructivism design era. Branding that will stand the test of time & work on all types of media like products, menus, website, signs and uniforms.

conor harper profile image

About Me

I am Conor Harper, I am a Graphic Designer from Ontario Canada with 4+ years of design knowledge, I started designing in high school self taught, then went to Humber College & graduated the Advanced Degree in Graphic Design program with Honours in 2021. I am a positive attitude designer that likes to connect and work with others. I have experience using design application like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, & XD. I also have experience in web development with knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, & WordPress.

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